Product Applications
Nitrocellulose is a key component in many ink formulations. Its importance stems from its excellent solvent release and compatibility with a wide range of other additives. These include plasticisers, pigments and resins which are added to the ink to give the right combination of properties for the intended application.

The Nitrocellulose Group is the market leader in the supply of high quality, low viscosity grades of nitrocellulose for the ink industry with a recognised strength in alcohol soluble grades. Printing inks and paper lacquers with a high odourless solvent content are much in demand in the packaging industry and in flexographic printing, where it is important that solvents do not attack the rubber blankets used in this process.
Nitrocellulose based lacquers are used extensively in wood finish applications, particularly where a high quality finish is required.

They dry rapidly, demonstrate excellent polishing properties and enhance the appearance of the grain in many varieties of wood. The lacquers are at their best in light duty applications, but can be modified to perform well in all areas by the addition of other resins or plasticisers.

Most wood finishes are based on high nitrogen grades of nitrocellulose. Our DHX 30-50 is the most popular as it gives the best combination of low viscosity for easy application and high resistance to cold cracking.
Leather goods require strong and flexible high gloss or matt finishes to enhance their appearance as well as protect them from moisture and heat. Our nitrocellulose is able to provide the range of viscosities to meet virtually any leather finishing requirement.
Niitrocellulose is used in the formulation of lacquers for internal coatings of cellophane, aluminium foils and heat sealable coatings for the food and drinks packaging industry. The range of high viscosity grades available provides the high solid content, durability and flexibility required by this demanding market sector.
Nitrocellulose is used in the formulation of nail varnishes, which need to demonstrate the highest standards of clarity, strength and purity as well as a rapid drying cycle. Extremely stringent requirements are met by closely monitoring and controlling levels of moisture and acidity.
High nitrogen, high viscosity grades of nitrocellulose are used to formulate specialist paints for refinish and repair within the automotive industry, where film strength and flexibility is essential.