Industrial Nitrocellulose
The Nitrocellulose Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial nitrocellulose, a film forming resin which is widely used in the inks and coatings market. It is a high quality, supremely flexible material that demonstrates outstanding functionality, excellent value for money and high standards of safety. It delivers genuine competitive advantages.

Above all, it creates end-products of unrivalled clarity,that meet and surpass increasingly demanding industry standards. By imposing tight limits on the degree of nitration obtained and selecting the appropriate reaction parameters the precise solubility characteristics of the final product can be determined.
Uniquely Natural
Nitrocellulose or cellulose nitrate is made by treating natural cellulose (diced wood pulp) or cotton linters with sulphuric and nitric acids.
Environmentally Friendly
The manufacturing process uses the finest quality raw material, sourcing the wood pulp and cotton linters from renewable resources and ensures conformity with best environmental practices.
Wetting agents
Nitrocellulose is wetted with either ethanol, isopropanol or water.
Available Worldwide
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